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Property Case Studies

Case Study 1


  • Promotion of highly specialised chartered surveying service to niche industry. 
  • Apart from a website, limited digital presence/social media.  
  • Needed to increase profile and brand awareness to a very specific target audience.  
  • Key players in the business extremely busy with the “day job” and in the absence of any internal marketing resource were unable to commit time to developing their profile. 

What we did   

  • Created a branded LinkedIn company page with relevant industry knowledge and content with branded creative imagery and website links, creating a consistent style and message.  
  • Built following by inviting contacts, the use of relevant hashtags, crafted advertising campaigns and regular posting of industry specific and engaging content.  
  • Recorded and edited a series of webinars to demonstrate thought leadership and used video marketing as a way of engaging LinkedIn audience. Set up a YouTube channel to host the videos and for SEO, as well as a webinars page on the website.  
  • Using the webinar series, we created a LinkedIn advertising campaign, building a very defined target audience to raise awareness and increase profile through website clicks and lead generation forms.  
  • Created a website testimonials page from existing clients, to showcase service on LinkedIn and to build social proof.
  • Combined digital campaigns with traditional PR by producing keyworded thought leadership content published in industry publications.

Case Study 2


  • Niche firm of chartered surveyors needed to urgently, concisely and affordably distribute content for the benefit of their clients during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • The team were keen to use their existing social media channels to deploy this content and provide pragmatic help to their clients during a time of crisis. 
  • The Coronavirus restrictions meant that any face-to-face engagement such as meetings, workshops or seminars would be impossible. 

What we did 

  • Having researched the target audience and understood the COVID related and sometimes quite complex topics, we arranged to record a series of informal presentations and Q&As sessions with key members of the team via Zoom. 
  • The sessions were recorded, following which they were edited, branded and graphics added, including a range of calls to action and links to resources. 
  • Given the escalating implications of the Pandemic, this content was then quickly distributed through social media and website. 

Case Study 3


  • The client provided highly specialised and complex consultancy services to commercial landlords and tenants across the UK. 
  • As part of their growth strategy, they aimed to increase market share and following the launch of a new website and supporting App, commenced both paid (PPC) and organic search (SEO) campaigns. 
  • Despite an encouraging increase in traffic, the challenge was the absence of converting leads. 

What we did 

  • Following an audit of the website, review of the various paid and organic campaigns, client discussions and research, we recommended a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy.
  • To capitalise on early quick wins, we focused on the most visited pages, as well as each of the landing pages linked to the paid campaigns.
  • Following a process of ongoing research and continuous improvement, we collaborated closely with the agency that built the site and managed the SEO/PPC rewriting copy, redesigning aspects of the page, including more calls to action, simplifying the user journey.
  • A concurrent LinkedIn promoted posts campaign was deployed to a highly targeted, niche audience. 

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