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Video & Animation

Looking to stand out? Video marketing can significantly increase your firm’s visibility, drive website traffic, and convert more clients. Speak to us about compelling filmed and animated videos showcasing your expertise in a competitive landscape.

Video content allows you to enhance your brand and connect with your audience. By investing in video creation, you’ll reap the rewards, including:

  • Better communication of complex ideas through educational and thought leadership videos
  • Improved user experience and search rankings (SEO)
  • An elevated social media presence
  • Increased engagement with your target audience
  • Higher conversions thanks to promotion and social proof
Tell your story

Businesses that have invested in video-making see 49% faster revenue growth. The right video clips, positioned at transactional touchpoints like landing pages, can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

Despite these benefits, some professional services firms are hesitant to invest in video. They may feel like beginners – worrying about their appearance on camera or the cost. Our video editing services are proof that this process doesn’t need to be difficult or costly. We help you unlock and distribute what is often existing content that’s of interest and value to your target audience. We’ll guide you through next-level 2D and 3D animation, testimonial videos and much more.

Once we’ve finished the editing process, you’ll receive a lifelong resource that you can use to connect with your audience and make conversions. Share this personalised content on social media, your website and among your existing clients and referral network.

How about using animation?

Animation takes complex concepts and translates them into captivating, engaging content. Both 3D and 2D animation are ideal for explainer videos, advertisements and tutorials. Animated videos help to demonstrate, explain and educate, making your content accessible to a wider audience.

They’re also evergreen, allowing you to repurpose them across various platforms. Perhaps you want to add motion graphics to infographics or enhance a blog. Our team will ensure that your animation projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.

How we can help with your video & animation projects:

Choose Cal Partners for professional video production services that hit your brief. Whether it’s character animation, a multi-day shoot or even simple testimonial video interviews, we have you covered. Our video and animation services include:

  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Art Direction
  • Video Shooting
  • Animation
  • Music Selection
  • Voice-over Narration
  • Editing & Postproduction
  • Captioning
  • Re-purposing into podcasts and vice versa
  • Content Distribution - uploading videos onto your website, YouTube channel and social media


What types of videos can you create?

We’ll help you create a wide range of high-quality videos. These may include explainer videos, animations, product demos, customer testimonials, brand videos, ‘day in the life of’ and more. We'll work with you to understand your business goals and target audience.

Videos involve capturing real-life footage. Animations develop virtual visual elements that bring still pictures to life. They allow objects, characters, fonts or drawings to appear as if they’re moving or changing over time – animations are a great way to explain and simplify complex processes.

Not necessarily! We can create a wide range of video styles without your presence, such as animation, screen capture, or voiceover narration. Our video creators also have access to a wide range of stock videos and background music. We can add these with simple transitions as part of the shoot or branding.

Video pricing can vary widely depending on factors such as the length of the video, the complexity of the project, the number of subjects to be filmed, its location and the level of production value required, for example, using templates may help to reduce costs. We'll work with you to develop a budget that fits your needs. Video need not be out of reach to your business.

The cost of creating an animation varies widely depending on complexity, duration and style. It may cost more to create individual animated characters or particularly if there’s more than one. Other costs include software like Adobe, voiceover and music licensing.

We can keep the costs of animated videos down by having them ‘speak for themselves’. This means having few or no characters, reducing the need for voiceovers or captioning. We’ll work with you to come up with a custom budget that fits your needs and helps you reach your goals.

The ideal length of a video can vary depending on factors such as the platform it is distributed on, the target audience, and the type of video. However, as a general rule, shorter videos tend to have higher engagement rates. We'll work with you to develop a video length that delivers your message effectively while keeping your audience engaged.

Yes! Our experienced team can help you develop a compelling script and storyboard. Our video editing teams offer years of marketing experience in your field – so we know what works. We’ll help you create an effective strategy that doesn’t drain your time but gets the right message across.

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