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If you’re looking for professional marketing tailored to your industry, we’re here to help. Using robust marketing planning and customer insights, we help you get real results – even when budgets are limited.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Each of us has many years of experience working in professional services marketing, including as part of and heading up in-house teams, helping to deliver results based on real KPIs, not vanity metrics. 

How it works: your very own outsourced marketing managers

It’s easy to become introspective when developing your services. Our marketing role is to provide an outsider’s perspective – starting with identifying your target market. You’ll get a client’s point of view with the marketing skills of a professional. Adapt and communicate your offers based on what your clients really want. It all comes from years of experience working with businesses just like yours.

Helping you deploy the right marketing techniques

The next step is to draft a realistic, achievable marketing plan. This strategy will draw on our professional and award-winning expertise, using only the best and most cost-effective channels for your niche.

What’s more, you’ll get access to a multi-disciplinary outsourced marketing team. Discover a full suite of tailored marketing activities, including PR, awards nominations, copywriting, press releases, directory entries, advertorials, collateral, videos, events and conferences.

We’ll integrate these offline methods with a robust digital strategy, from search engine optimisation, social media, and paid ads to thought leadership content generation and conversion rate optimisation. Our former job titles, including law firm partner and marketing managers, help us apply these to your industry. Deploying our expertise and experience - let us focus on strategic marketing so you can invest more time in the fundamentals – working on your business, supporting your colleagues and providing the best service experience for your clients.

How can we help with your professional marketing?

Using proven expert frameworks and our team’s personal experience, we’ll help you with your:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Press Releases
  • Advertorials
  • Seminars & Webinars
  • Events 
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Collateral
  • Newsletters
  • Directory Submissions
  • Awards Nominations
  • Copywriting
  • Infographics
  • Market Research
  • Project Management
  • Client Feedback Surveys
  • Sponsorship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)


What is marketing?

Let’s ask the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Our teams use these applied marketing practices every day and are qualified with a minimum of a CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing and upwards. The majority of the team are CIM Chartered Marketers, the pinnacle of marketers requiring ongoing rigorous CPD.

Marketing keeps your business front of mind for your target audience. When you’re planning campaigns, you’re not simply increasing brand awareness. The right balance of marketing techniques and tools will help people remember your business, what you do and why you are different from your competitors. It will also help you raise your profile, keep and win new clients, as well as attracting the best talent into your business.

A marketing strategy is an overview of where your business wants to be and how it is going to get there. Your strategy will help you to identify your target audience, solving their problems and meeting the business’ objectives. A solid strategy will use a range of tools from client insights to Google Analytics, looking at your goals on both a client-focused and operational level. For a healthy, growing business, this will necessarily change over time as your business, target audience and talent you want to attract, evolve.

Marketing tactics are the day-to-day steps needed to make the strategy happen. Examples of marketing tactics include targeted social media campaigns, exhibiting face-to-face at an event, a targeted pay-per-click campaign to promote an event or new service or an awards nomination. They encompass any actions that promote your brand and help make the overall marketing strategy happen.

Branding helps to identify and distinguish a business from others. It is much more than just a name, logo or design. It’s how people feel and think about your business in every interaction they have with it, be it walking into your office, seeing your social media posts or attending one of your events. Branding involves both offline and digital marketing, hitting prospective clients at key touchpoints to reinforce your message that you are the best solution for their problems. Building a strong brand takes time and effort – it is a business’ most valuable asset and yet is often the most overlooked and neglected.

A target audience is a specific group of individuals, other businesses or industry sectors most likely to buy from you. You may be able to define them by key demographics such as age, gender, income, industry sector or interests. In a typical marketing plan, you might set a start date, define your target audience and deploy your tactics – helping you reach each potential client with laser focus. A target audience may also not just be new clients. In professional services, the business' team is crucial to its success and growth. Marketing can be used to attract and keep the best talent – highlighting that your business has a great culture and environment, with plenty of support, clear career progression opportunities and excellent quality of client work

Marketing for Professional Services

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