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Financial Case Studies

Case Study 1


  • The firm wanted to build on its already strong digital presence. 
  • The target audience was very specific and not limited geographically. 
  • Many of the services offered were complex and the firm aimed to demystify these, together with explaining clearly how they worked and what set them apart yet being mindful of the strict regulatory framework in financial planning. 
  • Generally, build profile and be more approachable. 

What we did 

  • A series of questions and broad script was crafted followed by video recording, editing and adding graphics delivered by senior figures at the firm. 
  • This resulted in a series of polished and easy to follow short films. 
  • YouTube channel set up. 
  • We reinvigorated all of the firm’s social media channels.
  • We posted regular content on their behalf, including distributing the videos.
  • To reach the specific target audience and boost engagement, we set up and managed a series of Facebook advertising campaigns built around several of the best performing videos.
  • In addition to the digital marketing campaigns we also leveraged traditional PR, writing content about the firm that was published in leading industry press. This again was promoted heavily online. 

Case Study 2


  • Highly specialist tax advice consultancy with very specific target audience. 
  • Difficult to explain service/benefit offer. 
  • Aim was to build engagement with high value, national but very small audience and attract new enquiries/leads. 
  • Looking to develop already strong reputation as market leading consultancy in this niche field.
  • Limited budget and time, with no internal marketing resource 

What we did 

  • Liaised closely with client and conducted detailed industry research ensuring that we fully understood the service and its standout benefits. 
  • In collaboration with the client drafted thought leadership content that was subsequently featured in relevant industry publications. 
  • In collaboration with client prepared detailed case study explaining the complex process involved and the benefits provided by the consultancy.
  • Prepared an easy-to-follow infographic explaining/demystifying the features, benefits and calls to action in relation to the highly technical service offered.
  • Disseminated infographic through highly targeted and GDPR compliant email campaign social media.

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