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In this second update of our LinkedIn series, we will be looking at company pages and how to make the most out of your LinkedIn company page.

Surprisingly, some still don’t have a company page and you will often see an individual’s profile employment section with the company name unable to link to a company page with a grey icon next to it.

So how do you create one?

As it says on the tin, LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking and for any professional services firm, it’s essential that your company has a presence. If you don’t have a company page, here’s a simple step by step guide from LinkedIn.

Top Tips

- Profile image and cover banner - It’s important to visually look good as it will be the first thing people see when they search for your company. Use your company logo for the main profile image. Also include a cover banner as this adds more creativity and a professional look and feel. Here’s a link to a size guide.

- About us - Write an interesting “about us” section that tells visitors what you do and how you can solve someone’s problem. Make sure you strip out any jargon and include simple and keyword related language, so it is easily understood. Don’t forget to add your company specialities so that your company can be found through the key words.

- Complete all fields including your website on the URL, address with Country, Industry and size of company. The more that is completed, the more visible your page will be.

- Hashtags - Add hashtags to your profile. You can add up to 3 hashtags to associate with your page and will be able to like, comment and reshare posts on these hashtag feeds.

- Posts - Posting content to your company page is key. Make sure you do this at least once day and include relevant hashtags to your posts with creative visual images. Use your individual profile to share your company posts to make your company page more visible to your network. It’s also important to like and comment on your company page posts to drive engagement.

- Employees are your ambassadors - You can also create more visibility through your employees. Having your employees add their employment in the experience section automatically links it to your company page. This will help to drive traffic to your company page as their network will be able to see and click on the company page.

Having a LinkedIn company page is a great way to tell your company’s story and to increase your profile through likes and engagement.

Your page won’t build itself, so it is important to keep on top of it by adding posts, news, articles and sharing through your own network.

Award winning, Newcastle based digital marketing and social media agency, Cal Partners, works with professional services firms to attract and retain ideal clients. We have helped business with the set up and daily management of LinkedIn company pages and other social media platforms as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Rachel Wright

Rachel is Head of Marketing Operations at Cal Partners and is a Chartered Marketer. She began working in marketing in 2007 and has a particular specialism in the professional services sector.

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