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Digital Marketing

Using the web and social media clients now have far more choice than ever before and have the tools with which to pinpoint the exact solution to their needs. Clients can instantly carry out detailed research on their prospective professional service providers as well as bench-marking existing suppliers.

Through the web and social media, prospective clients will have often already made up their mind about whether they want to instruct you, even before they have spoken to or met you. The easier that the services you offer can be found, understood and endorsed on-line and through social media, then the easier (and in turn cheaper) it will be for you to generate the business you are looking for. Planned and deployed correctly, a digital marketing strategy will provide a measurable and cost-effective opportunity to level the playing field.

Award winning Cal Partners can audit your competition, existing marketing activity and current on-line presence and then build a realistic and practical digital marketing strategy using appropriate tools and tactics such as content generation, e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), link building, remarketing and social media.

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Cal Partners

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They went away, devised and then delivered a strategic digital marketing plan, increasing our reach not just regionally but nationally, resulting in new enquiries and in turn clients.

Callum Terry, Hewitts

We are a specialist marketing, digital marketing and social media agency and business development consultancy working with you to attract ideal clients to your professional services firm.