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Social Media

With global reach and constant access through mobile devices, social media can no longer be ignored. Traditionally often conservative, professional services firms have been slow to harness the full power of social media, in turn risking losing connection with their ever-evolving target audience, increasingly made up of Millennials and indeed Generation Z. More and more, this audience will evaluate whether to use or even join your firm based on your social media activity.

Award winning Cal Partners help professional services firms realise the value of social media, particularly when strategically combined with other marketing strategies, both on and offline. We help firms build their confidence in using a range of platforms as well as helping with the practical set up of professional branded accounts, right the way through to posting content.

Many firms have already set up social media accounts - they thought they should as everyone else had them. However, these are then often left uncared for with the odd “retweet” or “like” – we can reinvigorate and update these accounts, enabling you to catch up with and overtake your competitors.

Cal Partners recognises that fee earning time takes priority and it therefore makes sense to outsource at least some or all social media management to experienced experts, familiar with the professional services industry.

How we can help you:

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They provide friendly, industry-aware service combined with the rare ability to actually listen to our needs and respond in an appropriate and effective manner.

Matthew Price, Company Law Solutions

We are a specialist marketing, digital marketing and social media agency and business development consultancy working with you to attract ideal clients to your professional services firm.