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Good question! How often do you look at your social media bios, if at all? And when did you last update your photo?

A social media bio is really important because it is a quick snapshot of who you are, and introduces you and your brand, almost like a digital ‘elevator pitch’. For professional services firms, a social media bio needs to demonstrate your expertise, the problems you solve for clients as well as reflecting some personality, and this all has to fit within a limited number of characters.

Think about when you meet someone for the first time at a networking event or an interview - you want to make a good initial impression. A social media bio is basically the online version, so think about what makes you stand out when writing your bio.

A good bio also helps the search algorithm of the platform you are using to find you, so the more optimised it is, the better your chances are being found in the search results, in turn increasing traffic, generating more followers as well as engagement with your content.

A great bio helps you to build a connection right from the start!

Practical tips to catch those eyes

  • Tell people the problems you solve – use your bio to highlight what you do to help people and the value you add. Provide evidence of credibility that makes you stand out including skills, qualifications, awards and accreditations.
  • Sound approachable – your bio should read like it was written by you. Try and make it as friendly and authentic as possible, using the first person helps.
  • Use keywords – these are important to help you get found and stand out as an expert in your field. Find out what the top keywords are for your sector. Don’t use too many though - keep it readable. It can also be useful to include a location to attract local followers.
  • Profile Picture – make sure your profile picture is clear and recent. Don’t include a 10-year-old photo! If it is a business account, is there someone who is the main contributor of content or who runs the accounts whose image can be used instead of the company logo? The more personal and friendly it appears, the more engagement it is likely to generate.
  • Complete all available sections – utilise each section and make sure you fill out all the information in your bio. This means potential followers can get everything they are looking for when they land on your profile. Make sure you add all contact information if there is space by adding your website link, email and phone number. The more complete your profile is, the more likely the platform’s algorithm will reward you.
  • Include hashtags – a clickable hashtag in your bio can help to make you be found more easily and drive engagement.
  • Tailor your bio for each platform you are using – don’t just copy and paste! Take a look at each platform as they have different requirements, and different character limits, so max out on each platform and make the most of the space provided.
  • Include emojis – be creative with your bio. Using emojis to space out your text makes it look more visual and will attract more attention.
  • Get a second opinion – once you have updated your profile, why not share it with colleagues and even clients and ask for their candid feedback.

Social Media bios are just as important as any content you share online. Revisit your bio every few months to see if there are any relevant updates or additions you can make.

Remember, the bio is at the top of your social media presence – you want to make sure people are engaged by your ‘story’, in turn encouraging them to find out more by scrolling down and reading your feed.

If you’re busy with the day job and don’t have time to look after your social media platforms, get in touch to see how we can help. We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency helping professional services and healthcare businesses grow their online presence and brand. Let’s chat more.

About the author

Rachel Wright

Rachel is Head of Marketing Operations at Cal Partners and is a Chartered Marketer. She began working in marketing in 2007 and has a particular specialism in the professional services sector.

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