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Business Development

The role of marketing is to raise profile, brand awareness and overall strategy - business development is about identifying and meeting clients’ needs, building a relationship and ultimately conversion.

The professional services industry is becoming more competitive with discerning clients who, through the web, have access to more information and choice than ever before. When strategically combined with our other areas of expertise – marketing, digital marketing and social media, having a strong business development capability opens up significant opportunities and enables you to refine and develop your ideal client base.

Award winning Cal Partners assists with lead generation and client acquisition giving you the tools and tactics essential to find and convert new business, retain existing clients and recover lost clients. With our background and expertise in professional services, we adopt a solutions based rather than "hard sell" approach. Business development is not the preserve of “rain-makers” or trained salespeople but is founded on listening, building relationships, responsiveness, delivery, trust and demonstrable expertise - the core skills of all professional services providers. We’re experts in dovetailing marketing and business development with digital marketing strategies

We can help make the most of your existing network and explore collaborations and introductions to potential referrers. With our background and experience in working with professional services we can operate as an outsourced business development team enabling you to customise, develop and convert your pipeline of ideal clients.

How we can help you:

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Cal Partners

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Chris really understands our business and the sorts of people we would like to meet. He has been great at making introductions with which both parties are comfortable and with no hard “sell”.

Patricia Barclay, Bonaccord

We are a specialist marketing, digital marketing and social media agency and business development consultancy working with you to attract ideal clients to your professional services firm.