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Digital Marketing

Newsjacking is not new. Brands are quick to jump on a big news story, run an advert or post on social media, generating likes and shares and bringing their own name into the spotlight. How can this work for professional services firms?

The term ‘metaverse’ has been around for 30 years, believe it or not! But most of us have only heard about it relatively recently and maybe only because Facebook rebranded to Meta in November 2021. What should you be doing to prepare for the metaverse in your professional services firm?

Blogging has so many benefits no matter what size your business is - large, small or on your own, blogging is becoming increasingly important to include as part of your marketing strategy. This is especially crucial for the professional services sector - investing the time in blogging can reap huge rewards.

Well, it’s all about TikTok, isn’t it?!

“No!” I hear you cry, that’s for kids and daft dances… Actually over 70% of TikTok users are over 18!

What other social media platforms should you be looking at in 2022?

Happy New Year! By now, I’m sure we’d all hoped that the coronavirus pandemic would be well behind us and that ‘back to normal’ would be the ‘new normal’. It looks like we need to continue being aware of possible restrictions on meeting face to face, and in turn make the most of digital marketing opportunities. Google is ending support to third-party cookies in Chrome – what w ...

At last, we’ve seen a smidge of normality with face-to-face networking, events and meetings appearing in the second half of this year, but no one could have predicted the ongoing pandemic situation and remote way of working. It’s safe to say, marketing in 2021, has still very much been online.

Videos are now a very popular choice when it comes to consuming content and many professional services and B2B firms are using video as part of their marketing strategy to raise their profile and increase conversions.

Videos can help to improve engagement and are a useful tool for repurposing work that has already been done such as a blog, website content, email newsletters, presentations, testimonials, case studies and social media.

As long-term LinkedIn members, we’ve noticed many changing trends across the platform, including what to post, how to engage with others and why you're there in the first place. Everyone has an opinion. But we ask 'Has LinkedIn lost its way?'

Google Analytics is a great way to see how much website traffic you are getting but how do you track when someone has completed a specific action on your website?

With websites having to become more interactive, user friendly and ultimately quickly hook visitors in, many organisations are now investing time and money into conversion rate optimisation (CRO) – see our earlier blog explaining CRO.

With the ever-increasing technological advancements, especially through automation, organisations are risking falling into the trap of presenting themselves as robots rather than humans. Social media, in particular, is flooded with content, making it increasingly difficult to stand out and connect to a target audience. Covid 19 especially has made us more distant than ever, with endless Zoom calls replacing face to face meetings and events, businesses may have started to lose the ‘human touch’ and now is the time to embrace a more personal experience to reconnect with their target audience.

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