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Cal Partners' Accessibility Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Cal Partners Limited are of the view that people are disabled by the environment around them rather than any physical or intellectual limitations that they may have. Cal Partners Limited are committed to delivering best practice and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the internet, whatever their personal requirements. This website has therefore been designed and built to be easy to use and aims to be compliant with current industry best practice and legislation.

1.2 If you would like to discuss your access requirements please contact us by email at or by telephone on 07557 227429.

1.3 This site has been designed and built to meet current web standards and the guidelines set by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

2. Accessibility steps

2.1 Specific steps that we have taken to make the text and graphics on our website accessible to as many users as possible include:

(a) avoiding confusing colour combinations for those who have visual impairment;

(b) ensuring that the layout and navigation of the site is uniform on all pages;

(c) structuring menus identically on all pages;

(d) ensuring that browser options can be altered to increase and decrease the size of the text on the site;

(e) imagery on our website contains appropriate alternate text;

(f) optimising pages and images on our website to load quickly and smoothly;

(g) heading all pages;

(h) highlighting all “calls to action” with icons, underlining and different font;

(i) aiming to be accessible to assistive devices such as screen readers;

(j) providing clearly written, concise and jargon free content.

2.2 If you have any other suggestions to make our website more accessible please contact us using the details in 1.2 above.

3. Useful resources

3.1 Below are links to some useful accessibility resources:

(a) Web Accessibility Initiative

(b) Equality Act 2010

(c) Apple Accessibility Support

(d) Microsoft Accessibility Support

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