Using industry insight, listening to clients and internal communications to inform business development and marketing strategies

The foundation for any robust strategy and subsequent tactical planning is always research. This matters whether the project is entering a new client sector, maintaining and harvesting more from your existing client base or looking to widen the range of products you offer. Cal Partners can objectively assist with research projects including sector analysis, opportunity spotting, new project scoping and competitor analysis. 

Sector Analysis
Opportunity Spotting
Client Surveys
Client Satisfaction Reviews
Client Needs Analysis
Competitor Analysis
New Project Scoping
Mystery Shopping
Due Diligence
Web Analytics
Social Media 

Within your organisation it is always possible to look more closely at your existing client base and explore through a client needs analysis cross-selling, up-selling and referral opportunities. Research can examine the staffing side and ensure that they are aware of what services the organisation offers together with any issues that they may come across in their client facing roles leading to internal marketing projects.

Obtaining third-party, objective input regarding service standards through mystery shopping, complaints handling, client surveys and meetings, ensures visibility of areas of client dissatisfaction and provides an informed foundation for service excellence and appetite for new products. Clients value being asked for feedback, particularly if it is then acted upon.

Engaging and managing external partners such as branding agencies, web designers, SEO specialists and PR agencies can be costly and time consuming. Cal Partners can assist with researching appropriate suppliers, conducting due diligence, drafting briefs, obtaining references or testimonials and conducting "beauty parades" of potential candidates to ensure best value.

New Product Development
Customer Service Audit
Staff Surveys
Client Audits
New Market Evaluation
Brand Impact
Service Awareness