Recruitment and Outsourcing

Helping you find the right people for business development and marketing roles in your organisation as well as ensuring that you gain best value from external suppliers.

In any meaningful marketing initiative there will always be a need to work with external providers such as web designers, search engine optimisation (SEO) experts, branding agencies, graphic designers, PR agencies. Cal Partners can assist in drafting detailed briefs, arrange and attend pitches, interviews, “beauty parades" and evaluation panels as well as researching and following up references and testimonials. 

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This approach applies equally to any marketing professionals that may be recruited on either a temporary or permanent basis such as marketing and business development managers, executives and apprentices. Cal Partners can assist with drafting a job specification, recruitment generally, including assisting with interviews and following up references ensuring that the right candidate is chosen for the position.

When engaging a marketing professional within an organisation Cal Partners can assist in ensuring the maintenance of their CPD requirements and Chartered Institute of Marketing, or other relevant professional body, membership, including preparing tailored development plans which in turn will help to retain quality staff.

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