Project Management

The process by which an organisation turns ideas and plans into reality through goal setting, milestones and task ownership - making things happen.

 Project management has been used and developed over many years in the manufacturing, healthcare, construction and IT industries as well as by the public sector. This strict approach to project planning and delivery is becoming increasingly relevant to professional services. Deployed correctly, project management is a systemised process to ensure that things happen on a staged and evaluated basis, at every step reviewing whether the business case for a project remains viable, within strict parameters and that all those involved have clear, defined roles and responsibilities ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Project Manager
Project Team
Business Case
Risk Management
Quality Management 

We all have ideas and plans, marketing and business development is no exception and often excellent ideas simply end up in the “long grass” as there is never a defined beginning, middle and end to the process leading to a final product. Often terminal to many promising projects is the lack of ownership or clarity of roles and milestones.

A key benefit of structured project management is the ability to develop a mind-set of learning from previous projects and aiming for continuous improvement in each new project. Prince2 is universally recognised as a project management tool that can be applied regardless of the scale or scope of a project.

Effective project management turns ideas into a reality and when combined with the other skills that Cal Partners offer creates impactful, rapid and results driven change.

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