Corporate Social Responsibility

Leveraging a well-planned and aligned CSR policy for the benefit of marketing and business development objectives, as well as helping to attract and retain quality staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often overlooked as an effective marketing and business development tool. As well as being the right thing to do, working on CSR projects helps build and strengthen teams internally in any professional services organisation. CSR attracts positive PR by developing strong links and networks with local and business communities. A well managed CSR campaign can produce significant returns in terms of on and off-line content generation and leads.

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In an increasingly competitive market professional service consumers look for providers who can demonstrate trust and an ethical grounding. Tenders and bids gain support with evidence of a robust CSR policy. A strong sense of CSR can bond teams as well as helping to attract and retain quality staff. The "Triple Bottom Line" - People, Planet and Profit is now widely recognised as a key Board Room metric.

Cal Partners can assist in drafting CSR policies and ensure that any CSR activities such as supporting a charity, sponsorship or the provision of pro- bono advice, are leveraged for optimum return as part of a wider marketing and business development strategy.

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